this church is called San Miguel de Lillo (Oviedo)and it is considered world heritage https://www.lavozdeasturias.es/noticia/asturias/2018/04/07/guia-oviedo-prerromanico/00031523118467348739310.htm


What is heritage? 

Monuments and culture 


Intangible cultural heritage (Fallas, flamenco, Misteri d’Elx, Mediterranean diet)  

  • The values of heritage 
  • Cultural value 
  • Artistic value 
  • Historical value 
  • Economic value 
  • Value of antiquity 
  • Value of authenticity 

Heritage needs to be recognized, otherwise it’ll disappear  

Some traditional buildings are considered old and obsolete, so they are being replaced 



this is a hórreo , a typical construction in Asturias that used to be the warehosebut now some of them are in really bad conditions and it is a pity that the future generations do not get to know them https://www.pinterest.es/pin/435512226440710416/

cultural: reflects links between population and building  

Artistic: aesthetic  

Historical: the architecture of the building and its role in history  

Cultural asset as time passes more constructions are considered heritage not only big monuments but also rural and vernacular buildings and landscapes.  

75% of the works you’ll do is about pre-existent buildings UNESCO  

in Spain each region manages its heritage our intervention shouldn’t change then building, it must preserve its original form 

The frying pan of my granny, should I keep it?  

Cultural value 

Maybe artistic value  

Historical value  

Value of antiquity (fingerprint of time)  

Frying pan=cathedral  

Thinking that we can replace old building for brand-new ones has led to the loss of many cultural heritage 

 Legislative instruments 

Ley Patrimonio español  

Bien the interés cultural  

They use a catalogue to keep track of all the cultural assets  

The idea of listing everything is almost impossible, just the first step. 

Not only the building itself is considered a cultural asset, but also the perimeter around it  

Minor architecture 

It is not an individual building but the context (change of perspective) 

Inventorying Listing Other methods: 

more than 70 years olds= it is protected  

  • Advantages: we do not lose anything  
  • Disadvantage: there are so many things, really inconvenient to make refurbishment  

Outstanding universal value. It is not a permanent thing, it can disappear with an intervention  

Intangible heritage: las fallas  

Repercussion in architecture (knowledge of techniques, skills)  

Differences between countries regarding preservation 

the representation of Misteri d’Elx, a non-tangible world heritage https://www.pinterest.es/search/pins/?q=misteri%20d%27elx&rs=typed&term_meta[]=misteri%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=d%27elx%7Ctyped