the ARCHITECT today 

what do you think? 

building society and culture 

design artist 

time and space 


learning to see 


draw (interpretation of reality) 

travel (new points of view) 

deepen ideas 

photography (understanding possibilities)films 

learning to think  

learn how to express myself with the proper language 

think right collective thinking,  

Share ideas  

learning to create 

understand materials  

understand compositional rules 

know construction techniques 

understand needs to find technical solutions 

https://metro.co.uk/2016/11/19/amelie-the-musical-will-debut-on-broadway-in-2017-with-a-brand-new-amelie-poulain-leading-the-cast-6269074/ Amélie would be a great architect, she really knows how to see

In this lesson, we learnt some of the skills that we will need as architects. There are three main aspects that need to be trained.  

The first one is learning to see. This means that we need to look beyond what is in the surface, to establish relationships between what we know and what we see. Some activities that can help us to develop these skills are drawing, photography and travelling.  I would really like to get better I the two first and as for the last one (travelling) it is my dream to be able to travel all around the world in order to open my mind to new ways of thinking. 

The second one is learning to think. But not only as individuals but as a part of a team. The job of an architect is not isolated, the project of a new building involves interdisciplinary activities. It requires a lot of self-consciousness to able to work in a team and express your ideas correctly, so everyone understands your point and you do not end up beating around the bush.  

Finally, there is learning to create. This might be the most difficult one since it involves a lot of knowledge that comes with the experience. One thing is having a degree in architecture and another one is being an architect.  

This unit reminded me of the book of Campo Baeza Quiero ser arquitecto since I that book, he talks also about the previous training of architecture students   

https://www.stepienybarno.es/blog/2014/12/11/entrevista-con-alberto-campo-baeza/ Alberto Campo Baeza