My interest in architecture might have started much sooner than I remember. When I told my mother that I wanted to study architecture she told me that I had always liked that my favourite book when I was a child was Casas del mundo (Houses of the world). And it is true, I perfectly remember that my first favourite book was about different types of houses from all around the world. I was amazed by the beautiful drawings and the brief explanations of why buildings were built like that in that part of the world. 

 I have no intention of making a review since I am aware that it is just a childish book and that the drawings and the information there have been adapted to as to make it comprehensible for very young children. However, I think it is really interesting that there are books about the same topic (architecture in this case) that go from the most basic level to complicated manuals. You can find architecture books available for all ages and levels. Consequently, anyone who is interested in it can have a good time while learning regardless what their knowledge about the topic is.  

I also remembered that at the last page off the book there was a question which is now pretty familiar to me: can you imagine how the houses of the future will be? Do you dare to design your dream house? It is incredible that I actually decided to give it a chance.   

Here I leave some photos of Casas del mundo.  

this was my favourite page
this is the last page
form space and order by F. Ching vs Casas del mundo