Hi 🙂 

 Before you dive into my blog let me introduce myself first. 

this is my mum and me when I was one

I was born in Elche, al town in the south-east of Spain. So, all I have seen for the last 18 years has been palm-trees and pomegranates. Don’t get me wrong, I adore both of them, but I felt kind of stuck there. That’s why even thought I could have studied architecture in Alicante I decided to move away.  

I feel like I should explain why I chose architecture and I wish I could say it has been my dream since I learn to walk but the truth it is that it has not. The first dream job that I remember is being a butterfly, this was when I was three or so. Then I was on the fence between becoming a fashion designer or a doctor; when I started high school, I was determined to study biotechnology until I discovered physics in my third year. So, I spent the three following years wanting to become an astrophysicist (I was also really into astronomy). And I genuinely thought I had made up my mind; however, all of a sudden everyone was talking about the future, starting university, getting a job, going abroad… I got really confused and all the plans that I had in mind started to get blurry and unappealing. At some point, the idea of becoming a physicist did not seem as interesting as before and I just did not see myself performing that job. That same year, I took up technical drawing and I clearly remember that those three hours of that subject were the ones that I enjoyed the most. I especially remember one assignment that was about drawing the plans of our bedrooms and I realised that I could spend the whole afternoon with that and still not get bored. That was the first time that I seriously thought about studying architecture. From then onwards I have changed my mind a hundred times, but I always came around to the same answer: I wanted to become an architect.